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125Semi-Vanilla TymeSemi-Vanilla Tyme

Semi-Vanilla Tyme is listed in Whitelist servers. Semi-Vanilla Tyme offers a twist on the vanilla experience, with some features that you've seen on HermitCraft. We are a whitelisted community and in order to play, you must apply. We encourage...

141Silver Springs SurvivalSilver Springs Survival

Silver Springs Survival is listed in Whitelist servers. Silver Springs Survival is a place for those looking for a harder survival experience without the risk of theft, griefing, or PvP. Server info and settings - 8 GIGs of RAM with Solid State Dr...

211The ZeroTick ServerThe ZeroTick Server

The ZeroTick Server is listed in Whitelist servers. Number of platers: 6/20 Want a server experience a cut above the rest? Then the ZeroTick Server is waiting for you. We are looking to build a premium whitelist server experience for players. The ...


ZeldaCraft is listed in Whitelist servers. ZeldaCraft is the number one Legend of Zelda-themed freebuild Minecraft server. There's no whitelist and no other hassles needed to join - simply login, access our freebuild world, and interact with o...

247Evening Hills SMPEvening Hills SMP

Evening Hills SMP is listed in Whitelist servers. Hi there! Evening Hills is a whitelisted vanilla SMP. We have terrific staff, terrific specs and a terrific community. We dont do raiding and griefing here - if that's your thing, that's fi...

253Surivival With ModsSurivival With Mods

Surivival With Mods is listed in Whitelist servers. (NO DOWNLOADS!! AND NO FORGE!) Is a SMALL server still but it has it perks... I'm a modder so that's what goes on in this server regularly! And for all the people that got whitelist kicke...

273IronCraft NetworkIronCraft Network

IronCraft Network is listed in Whitelist servers. IronCraft Network is a whitelisted community Please join our discord to join the server! - discord.gg/UwwDgnhyrW IronCraft Network consists of 3 Major Servers and some special events. We have a SMP...


DisguisedSMP is listed in Whitelist servers. Private SMP make a ticket to get whitelisted Server opens on sunday. already 29 member in discord Join now wars wil happen and team up with your friends Good luck.


HangoutMC is listed in Whitelist servers. Adults Only Minecraft Server Age 25+ Whitelisted Via Application via Forum . Semi Vanilla,Vanilla, Permanent Worlds. Forum Address for applications : hangoutmc.com/ Active Community Forum and Discord Serve...

372Cozy CoveCozy Cove

Cozy Cove is listed in Whitelist servers. HOW TO JOIN: Join DISCORD: https://discord.gg/XFRAUqZ Read the "welcome" chat for instructions. (1.16.1)The Server is set to launch pretty soon. (uptime 24/7) I previously owned a server called L...

375The Book Of VenturaThe Book Of Ventura

The Book Of Ventura is listed in Whitelist servers. Welcome to The Book Of Ventura The Book Of Ventura is a high fantasy, medieval roleplay server with a hint of steam punk. This server is very unique and unlike any other! We have things like: - A...


LiberCraft is listed in Whitelist servers. We are a diverse group of MC players who aim at having a good time together. We believe that having fun is the most important part of the game, and we love to make new friends all over the world. Does thi...


WiseCraft is listed in Whitelist servers. WiseCraft is for people who love to build big projects including redstone, big builds, or technical farms. We have a few plugins for niche modifications like Veinminer, timber, and multiplayer sleep, so YO...

457Rivens UniverseRivens Universe

Rivens Universe is listed in Whitelist servers. Riven's Universe, founded June 4, 2016 by riv6n Official Riven's Universe Discord: https://discord.gg/0yOCr7TFb1tgLi6k Contact: @Akeki Jinsai#4444 What we have: Creative plots - 101x101 Freeb...

475DvZ Server - The LihP ...DvZ Server - The LihP Network

DvZ Server - The LihP Network is listed in Whitelist servers. Play Minecraft as a monster! You will look like the monster and have it's abilities. The PvP game mode DvZ has two teams, the dwarves and the zombies. The dwarf team have three shri...


SoftSlayer is listed in Whitelist servers. Info: Well where do I start... SoftSlayer has been around for about 9 years now, with a pretty dedicated community that still plays a bunch of games together (obviously including Minecraft). Our server is...

524Your HermitcraftYour Hermitcraft

Your Hermitcraft is listed in Whitelist servers. Your Hermitcraft (You must apply in the PlanetMinecraft comments section [ https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/your-hermitcraft-amplified-datapacks-hard-whitelist/ ], or our discord to join) Your...


EmpireCraft is listed in Whitelist servers. , , . Whitelist, .

578Pappas HermitsPappas Hermits

Pappas Hermits is listed in Whitelist servers. Pappa's Hermits is starting its 4th season on December 1st 2021 with a brand new 1.18 world. The server is a whitelist vanilla Minecraft survival server with a few tweaks and quality of life impro...


RabbitCraft is listed in Whitelist servers. Welcome to RabbitCraft Season 2 and you are right at the start of the adventure! We at RabbitCraft have started a new SMP called Tortuga where you can be a Pirate and sail around the world with a fantast...


Peepofarms is listed in Whitelist servers. A peepo farm server, multiple languages allowed! NaM! To get whitelisted ask for whitelist in the Discord, shouldn't take long at all. https://discord.com/invite/nymn Rules are very simple, no griefin...

698Vanilla TymeVanilla Tyme

Vanilla Tyme is listed in Whitelist servers. Vanilla Tyme is a survival server that offers a vanilla experience, with no game altering plugins. We are a whitelisted community. You must apply to play. We encourage those applying to put effort in to...


Blithe is listed in Whitelist servers. We are a Whitelisted semi-vanilla survival server enhanced with; an armor-stand editor, proximity chat, mini-blocks, and other plugins that give players the closest gameplay experiences to that of Hermitcraft...

734Aberrant SMPAberrant SMP

Aberrant SMP is listed in Whitelist servers. The Aberrant SMP is a brand new roleplay and lore focused Origins server that has been created by many experienced and passionate Minecraft admins! Having been in the staff teams of servers like Pixelmo...

746The Infinity OSMPThe Infinity OSMP

The Infinity OSMP is listed in Whitelist servers. A small origins SMP. we are on 1.16.5 and use Bisect hosting. - Guaranteed friendly community! If anyone is being toxic, even if they are staff, report them to a admin or higher rank. if they are a...


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