1.16.5 Minecraft Servers

Explore Minecraft 1.16.5 servers, all Minecraft servers listed here are compatible with Minecraft version 1.16.5 - some servers also support Multiple versions of Minecraft.

Explore 1.16.5 Minecraft Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
109CoreCrafted Network

Welcome to the CoreCrafted Network, where a group of dreamers come together to so something amazing Currently launched servers: - Skyblock (Beta) - Faction (Alpha testing) WIP Servers: - Survival Expert Mode (SEM) - Prison server

111Beacon of Serenity

Beacon of serenity is a server that provides the complete experience for people who want to enjoy everything Minecraft has to offer. We are a 24/7, truly international server that covers the entire globe with players from 5 continents and a dozen time zones. Server pings offline! I am working to ...


The new upcoming server that is in open beta with staff applications, we currently have skywars, bedwars, kitPvP, anarchy, lifesteal, and survival. In the future we will have duels and purgatory! 1.8.9 for minigames, and 1.16.5+ for survival


Synergy is an amazing creative server with a great community! Come join the fun in are creative plots world with 201 by 201 plots! Need more space? We also have an infinite flat land. Want to play some chilled survival with friends? We have that to, with our amazing survival world with great farm...

136Mumaus Prison Server

Mumaus Server has been running since 2011, being able to provide fun to more than 130 thousand players. We have been one of the most successful prison themed servers for a long time. Now back from the dead, we decided to expand our horizons and provide a bunch of different entertainment choices f...


Welcome to GenesisSMP, the new, lore/rpg based, anti-grief Origins server. Currently in development, looking for new active members, and Origins coders. Join the discord at https://discord.gg/genesissmp GenesisSMP is a server where you can start a new beginning. Choose your origin, class, and ele...


VintageMC is an open-world creative server. This means you are able to build in an unrestricted, normal Minecraft world. Depending on how you like to play, this may a better alternative for the multiplayer creative mode experience than a creative plots server.

160Simple Factions MC

Simple Factions is a small but new faction server that supports and clients including cracked clients. updated to support clients on 1.16.5 - 1.17.1 and newer. This server includes features such as.. Factions, PVP, PVE, Player bounties, Chest shops, Player based economy. and etc. Join us today! N...


SpartaCraft | [email protected] Servidor de Minecraft Survival Java Bedrock. Servidor Survival con sistema de mejoras, rangos, protecciones, warps entre muchas otras cosas mas! A que estas esperando? Entra en juega.spartamc.es y disfruta de tu estancia :) ----------------------------------...

191Evans SMP

ok so, its an smp i made for fun. please dont greif. well it was for me and my friends but i decided to make it public

299RealTekkit Official

RealTekkit Official Server ! The server is 24/7. We have nice staff in amount of 4. The staff itself tries to survive legit, but we take actions when someone else needs help. We hope u can join us and have fun with us!!

302Runic-Network Survival...

PG and Friendly community, with fantastic staff, and gameplay is smooth and enjoyable, with rules being enforced and mini-activities to do if you get bored from playing good hours of the new Minecraft version. Interact with the community, and mini-activities!


The Lyberial Network - Australian hosted Network - Professional, trustworthy staff - Player safety is a high priority - Extremely stable and well built servers.

311MC Practice

A great server for practicing various Minecraft skills, like block clutching, boat mlg, movement and more! You can also play Minecraft Manhunt with your friends just like Dream!

315Best Earth SMP

~ Best Earth SMP ~ Not just your average Earth SMP, no. We are one of the only MODDED Earth SMPs! New Mobs, new Weapons, new Vehicles, new GUNS. We don't consider ourselves heavily modded, nor is the modpack light by any means, but please- if you're interested in creating factions or just...

317Nova Survival

Nova Survival is a plugin based server. Survival mechanics as well as other mechanics of Minecraft have been changed. Staff is extremely helpful when it comes to this due to the extreme content there is in the plugins we use. We look forward to seeing you come on the server!


Servidor 1.16.5 ,server survival cuenta con rangos,clanes, protecciones,armas op . Te esperamos para pasar un buen rato.


We are a bending server using the Project Korra plugin. We hope to offer a good bending PVP experience along with a survival world for people who just want to play the original way. You may also choose to live in our custom roleplaying map, which we are currently working on. It is a replica of th...

333Very Pug

Friendly server, flexible admins, ranking system, fun plugins, *temporarily small amount of slots*, mostly survival and PvP. redstone minigames, economy/store. Still in the process of being set up. Have fun!


The #1 re-creation of Avatar: The Last Airbender in Minecraft featuring: Custom bending, roleplaying, custom tea brewing, and hundereds of custom 3D models: Rokucraft has it all!After years and years of hard work and contribution, we are proud to welcome you to our server. In Rokucraft you can ch...

377Surivival With Mods

(NO DOWNLOADS!! AND NO FORGE!) Is a SMALL server still but it has it perks... I'm a modder so that's what goes on in this server regularly! And for all the people that got whitelist kicked wait 1 min and re join if it still don't work wait a day or contact me on steam [R3]doitranch an...


I have started my own Semi-Vanilla minecraft server. Rules- No Griefing. No Chat Spamming. PvP is enabled and encouraged. Please be respectful. Please use common sense. Silk touching a spawner will drop the spawner. We use home commands as well as tpa. Please " Try " with your builds. A...

382Floopy modded adventure

A modded survial world created my FloopyMooCow! Mods: [1.16.5]+SecurityCraft+v1.8.23.jar AutoRegLib-1.6-49.jar carryon-1.16.5- Quark-r2.4-319.jar serene seasons quark oddities tough as nails [ALL ARE FROM CURSEFORGE!]


Equinehaven is a ranch themed equine server! You can learn all about the different disciplines! Build your land and expand your creativity!


Welcome to DBC Hyperverse! A Dragon Block C server based to become a hyper-fast, easy grind, PVP and Tournament centered server! Check out our website: https://dbchyperverse.enjin.com/ Or, just join the server directly! Enjoy! Happy 'Crafting! Mods required: JinRyuu's D...