Minecraft SMP Servers

SMP Servers is a gamemode that allows players to come together and play on the same Minecraft server. SMP servers are usually free of plugins and have very few features to allow for a vanilla survival experience.

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42LifeSteal SMPLifeSteal SMP

LifeSteal SMP is listed in SMP servers. Welcome to our fresh-made SMP server! About: You're probably thinking: Why is this server named like that? The answer is quite simple. This server is not just semi-vanilla, it's much harder than you ...

88Bartol SMPBartol SMP

Bartol SMP is listed in SMP servers. Welcome to the Bartol SMP, here we have 4 main servers, Hardcore, Anarchy, Earth, and Lifesteal; On Lifesteal it's simple, semi-anarchy, when you kill others you receive some of their hearts, and when they ...


Minefun is listed in SMP servers. Come join MineFun to play on a large 1.18 survival and skyblock worlds and claim your own land! We have an amazing community and active staff and many amazing features for you to enjoy. We are the largest 1.18 SMP...


PlagueMC is listed in SMP servers. PlagueMC is a SMP Minecraft community which has been built on the foundations of friends and staff who have come together from other servers to share their creations and experiences. We don't believe in editi...

155Evening Hills SMPEvening Hills SMP

Evening Hills SMP is listed in SMP servers. Hi there! Evening Hills is a whitelisted vanilla SMP. We have terrific staff, terrific specs and a terrific community. We dont do raiding and griefing here - if that's your thing, that's fine, bu...


SaplingMC is listed in SMP servers. - SaplingMC - After the long wait of the release to SaplingMC, we have finally made it here. Our factions-based SMP has many ways to explore, make new friends, and connect to others! Want to join in on the fun? ...


PlaySMP is listed in SMP servers. PlaySMP ist ein deutscher Minecraft-Server, der auf Schweizer Servern gehostet wird! Wir haben mehrere SMP-Welten, auf denen Java- und Bedrock-Spieler zusammen spielen knnen. Es gibt aber auch MiniGames auf unsere...

163Reloaded SMP 18 Plus W...Reloaded SMP 18 Plus Whitelist New

Reloaded SMP 18 Plus Whitelist New is listed in SMP servers. This SMP is designed to closely replicate the Hermitcraft SMP YouTube series. We strive to achieve a fun community for all. This server is for 18+ The age limit is designed to keep a com...

192Mine Build SurviveMine Build Survive

Mine Build Survive is listed in SMP servers. Hardcore Tournament SMP with ca$h prizes. This is a hardcore SMP server running 1.18.1. PVP is turned off. Players compete against one another. The surviving player with the highest total experience at ...

193Official Cosmic CCSMPOfficial Cosmic CCSMP

Official Cosmic CCSMP is listed in SMP servers. This is the new Official Cosmic CSMP!! This is an economy, roleplaying, and survival based server with many great features!! We are always looking for new Members and Staff!! Join the Discord for mor...

196Minecraft B-ZoneMinecraft B-Zone

Minecraft B-Zone is listed in SMP servers. Serverul va pune la dispozitie 5 sectiuni si anume: Survival, BuildBattle, Skyblock, Creative si SMP. Serverul de Survival are diverse sisteme care iti va face jocul mult mai placut si neplictisitor, spre...


RetroMC is listed in SMP servers. Welcome to RetroMC, and oldschool style Minecraft SMP server. Founded by players who have been here since the Alpha / Beta days, the server aims to recreate the classic Minecraft SMP feel with old school plugins l...

234SqueejCraft ProSqueejCraft Pro

SqueejCraft Pro is listed in SMP servers. Release Date: 12/18/2021 Java and Bedrock compatible SqueejCraft Pro is a semi-vanilla smp server built by a community of Minecraft enthusiasts, designed to respect Mojang's vision by ensuring that the...


DemolishedSMP is listed in SMP servers. Welcome To DemolishedSMP! We are a smp trying to work our way up into a popular minecraft server! We have a range of plugins that improve the player experience. We are a mix of a smp and a anarchy server. Ru...


mr44shotz is listed in SMP servers. a cool, fun smp yeah the owner is very active so there will always be atleast one person in the server

299Cloud CosmosCloud Cosmos

Cloud Cosmos is listed in SMP servers. Welcome to Cloud Cosmos! Cloud Cosmos strives to be a friendly, classic survival-SMP server with very few "quality-of-life" enhancements, such as GriefPrevention-styled claims, accurate time and dat...

305Spooky MCSpooky MC

Spooky MC is listed in SMP servers. Spooky MC is a new server looking for members and staff please check us out! we're a north American based PvP SMP server. We launched on Monday October 1st (Canadian Thanksgiving)

311The 5 Isles SMPThe 5 Isles SMP

The 5 Isles SMP is listed in SMP servers. The 5 Isles SMP is a completely vanilla experience with a diverse custom world. Come join our community in playing, chatting and just having fun! Here, comradery and teamwork are priority and griefing is n...

314PangeaMC NetworkPangeaMC Network

PangeaMC Network is listed in SMP servers. PangeaMC Network - Now on 1.18.1 - Now with Skyblock! A small, community oriented SMP and Skyblock server. The SMP server is survival but with lots of quality of life improvements such as Custom Enchants,...


AkiroMC is listed in SMP servers. Welcome to the AkiroMC server! Here you can play the epic SMP or play some minigames in the minigames lobby such as KitPvP, The Bridge, and more coming soon!

320Lucid SMPLucid SMP

Lucid SMP is listed in SMP servers. Lucid SMP is a Semi-Vanilla HermitCraft style SMP. We have a friendly staff team with a great community, and only a few plugins. We have no land claim, but to prevent griefers we have protection and rollback met...


SalmaSMP is listed in SMP servers. SalmaSMP is a Java and Bedrock Crossplay SMP open to everyone! Things that make SalmaSMP one of the best SMP's include Grief Protection, Marriage, Server Wide Events, and of course the amazing community!


Hardhome is listed in SMP servers. Hardhome is a server built for my custom 1.16.5 java modpack "Blood and Stone" with a will to create a real Kingdom builder and faction smp with the aid of mods that create more realistic gameplay. Modp...


SMPCraft is listed in SMP servers. A non-toxic SMP server, building a strong and friendly community! Join the fun today! Have fun, build your town, if griefs. report to a.scended#4623 on discord.

367Stardust SMPStardust SMP

Stardust SMP is listed in SMP servers. Hello everyone! Thank you for checking out Stardust SMP! We finally just launched and hope that you enjoy it here! The SMP server provides the classic Minecraft survival experience, with economy, protection p...


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Here we list the best SMP Minecraft Servers. SMP servers listed here are checked and verified to ensure they're online and ready for you. You can also check out SMP server details, to see how many players are online! The majority of SMP servers reward players for voting giving them a head start so don't forget to vote and claim your rewards in-game.