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SMP Servers is a gamemode that allows players to come together and play on the same Minecraft server. SMP servers are usually free of plugins and have very few features to allow for a vanilla survival experience.

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Rank Name Server Players Status

UTOPIA MC is a 'whitelist only' new age SMP server that utilizes plugins and mods to further enhance economy based survival gampeplay! This server is currently in an ALPHA version meaning that its still being developed and tested as we speak! Features are currently limited, however there ...

887IronCraft Network

IronCraft Network is a whitelisted community Please join our discord to join the server! - IronCraft Network consists of 3 Major Servers and some special events. We have a SMP server which has been open for less than 1 month now. and is running on 1.17 We have recently opene...

898The Infinity OSMP

A small origins SMP. we are on 1.16.5 and use Bisect hosting. - Guaranteed friendly community! If anyone is being toxic, even if they are staff, report them to a admin or higher rank. if they are a admin or co owner, report them directly to me, person#5099 - No racism or sexism tolerated! we supp...


Hey Minecrafters! We are MangoCraft! A Semi-Vanilla SMP Server that offers a mix of vanilla gameplay with the modern conveniences of plugins. No pay-to-win mechanics, no land claim, and no plugins that ruin the vanilla experience. If your builds get griefed, tell a staff member and it can be roll...


PIXELPOWER SMP Server Rules: -No Hacking -No Stealing From Others, or their chests. -No Duping. -No Lag Machines. -No Cheating/Exploiting. -No Abusing Game Mechanics, Such As Glitches, To Gain An Advantage. -No Griefing Spawn or trying to grief people's homes. -Dont spam commands in chat (Ca...


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Here we list the best SMP Minecraft Servers. SMP servers listed here are checked and verified to ensure they're online and ready for you. You can also check out SMP server details, to see how many players are online! The majority of SMP servers reward players for voting giving them a head start so don't forget to vote and claim your rewards in-game.