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SMP Servers is a gamemode that allows players to come together and play on the same Minecraft server. SMP servers are usually free of plugins and have very few features to allow for a vanilla survival experience.

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Rank Name Server Players Status
333Cygen Network

Welcome to Cygen Network! We are a small community-based Minecraft network, we have more to come very soon! But, we host SMPs for some popular streamers that you can play alongside them. Our goal is to be a friendly welcoming community that you can be a part of.


A public SMP with surviavl and creative hope fully more game modes coming soon if you join i hope you have fun (it might lag)


MSRebound is a semi-vanilla SMP that never resets and quickly updates. So explore a world rich with history, and interact with the friendly community. We also have simple leveling in mcmmo, custom heads, player shops, Discord integration. Feel free to join us anytime! :D Also, if you are worrie...


We have a 1.14.4 SMP and are working on adding new servers. The SMP has grief prevention, TorchWand, fast leaf decay, and more. Come hang out with us, and help build our community. :)

377The 5 Isles SMP

The 5 Isles SMP is a completely vanilla experience with a diverse custom world. Come join our community in playing, chatting and just having fun! Here, comradery and teamwork are priority and griefing is not tolerated.


Welcome to PierceSMP! We are a new friendly and active community that focuses on both raw Minecraft survival, as well as offering a lore/roleplay system for those that want to take part. We have an Anti-Cheat with an easy-to-use Anti-Grief system and nice staff that are more than happy to help. O...


Hardhome is a server built for my custom 1.16.5 java modpack "Blood and Stone" with a will to create a real Kingdom builder and faction SMP with the aid of mods that create more realistic gameplay. Modpack info: Forged along with its server "Hardhome" every mod in Blood and St...

402Minecraft Familia

The Minecraft Familia is an SMP filled with Datapacks and Plugins to maximize the Minecraft playthrough, while keeping the feeling of Vanilla Minecraft. With over 700+ achievements with an automated reward system, PvP outside then overworld, new biomes, a custom Resource Pack, Economy, GriefPreve...

431Spooky MC

Spooky MC is a new server looking for members and staff please check us out! we're a north American based PvP SMP server. We launched on Monday October 1st (Canadian Thanksgiving)


Boredom MC is a private/whitelisted vanilla gameplay SMP server focused on keeping Minecraft the way it's meant to be played. We now only accept players that are 17 years of age, or older. We have a dedicated staff team and an amazing community of tightly-knitted players who make this an expe...


Terminus SMP Is a fun little server that you and your friends can come play on! We have an active playerbase, with more than 40 people in our Discord server! Come join us adn make some friends! -Cra

458IllusiveMC Survival (1...

1.19 world Restart is here! New world endless possibilities. Join us now! IllusiveMC is a Non-Vanilla Minecraft SMP Server. Our Server has features like mcMMO, Voting Crates, VeinMiner, RTP, Silk-Touchable Spawners, Clans, Player Shops, Land Claims, Supply Drops and so much more! We are a Communi...


PlagueMC is a SMP Minecraft community which has been built on the foundations of friends and staff who have come together from other servers to share their creations and experiences. We don't believe in editing the base game too much - Nonetheless we have added some enhancement plugins to imp...


Welcome to RabbitCraft Season 2 and you are right at the start of the adventure! We at RabbitCraft have started a new SMP called Tortuga where you can be a Pirate and sail around the world with a fantastic community by your side. This is a secure and whitelist server only, you will have to join o...

498Best Earth SMP

~ Best Earth SMP ~ Not just your average Earth SMP, no. We are one of the only MODDED Earth SMPs! New Mobs, new Weapons, new Vehicles, new GUNS. We don't consider ourselves heavily modded, nor is the modpack light by any means, but please- if you're interested in creating factions or just...


Australian Based Classical SemiVanilla SMP Focuses on the classic SMP servers SilkSpawners It includes 200+ custom enchantments No Disabled Features, Items or Mobs Timed PVP activation, New players have 3hrs of grace so that they dont get killed by other players We focus on being inclusive and su...


[img][/img] [b]Vectorcraft Indonesia Community[/b] Adalah komunitas Minecraft yang berdiri pada tanggal 6 November 2020. Komunitas ini sudah melalui beberapa fase: 6 November 2020 - 20 Maret : Vectorcraft S...


PlaySMP ist ein deutscher Minecraft-Server, der auf Schweizer Servern gehostet wird! Wir haben mehrere SMP-Welten, auf denen Java- und Bedrock-Spieler zusammen spielen knnen. Es gibt aber auch MiniGames auf unserem Server! Dazu gehren KitPvP, BedWars und Events wie Hide or Hunt!


A 1.18 Minecraft Server that gets new updates every week. Bedrock IP: | Port: 19132 We offer: - friendly community - claims - chill environment (not serious)


Join whenever... Server26 is a small SMP server. Only one world and everything inside build in survival. No teleports or warps, just Grief protection (Grief-prevention, etc). This is an adult server and looking for players 18+. We do not aim for a child-friendly environment. Aside form the rules ...

596Heroic Crarft

Heroic Craft is seeking active players 18+ for our hard mode economy SMP. We offer grief and theft protection with the use of core protect. We have a few good data packs Installed like 1 person sleep Graves Lumberjack Infinitymend for bows Elytra chest plate Player and mob heads Just to name a fe...


Welcome to JellyMCLooking for a new PvE Minecraft Server? JellyMC has what you are looking for! Stake your claim in a New Growing SMP PvE server. With Friendly Members and Active Staff! What We Offer: Shop System - While you wont find Pay to Win here, you will be able to buy and sell the items ...


Welcome To DemolishedSMP! We are a SMP trying to work our way up into a popular minecraft server! We have a range of plugins that improve the player experience. We are a mix of a SMP and a anarchy server. Rules will be said once joined. Enjoy!

666V For Vanilla

Server IP: Server Discord: V For Vanilla is a vanilla SMP started on the 4th of December, 2021. Our goal is to provide players with the best vanilla gameplay experience possible. We have minimal admin interference, giving players the freedom to play...


Gamer Hub MC is a brand new skyblock non p2w server! We aim to expand our server to also having SMP! If you would like to support us in anyway please do so on! If you have any questions where the money you spent will go dm Hetti#8707 on discord!


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