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sVanilla Survival
Players12 / 50
Checked5 minutes ago
CountryUnited States

sVanilla Survival

sVanilla Survival

Cross-Platform has been enabled!
Join on Bedrock at svanilla.net, port 19132

Crystal/Anchor Free PvP! | NO Land Claim! | NO Grief Protection! | NO Keep-Inventory!

sVanilla Survival is a no-crystal semi-vanilla server. We encourage players to fight the old fashioned way, without stupid crystals or anchors!

Teleportation commands such as /home, /spawn and /tpa are provided for convenience.

Our rules are basic - no cheating, no spamming, and no excessive hate speech/toxicity, though we have an unmoderated chat if you can't control yourself.

Make Melee and Bow PvP Great Again!

What is the server IP address for sVanilla Survival?

The server IP for sVanilla Survival is corn.gg. You can copy the server IP or find Discord, website or more information in server info.

How do I play on the sVanilla Survival?

Open your Launcher. Next, click the Play button. Select the Multiplayer option from this menu.

Click on "Add Server", type corn.gg, and then hit "Done".

It will usually take a couple of seconds for the connection to become available. Once it does, it should be able to turn green.

You may now click on "Join Server", to play on sVanilla Survival.

There were 12 players playing sVanilla Survival when the server was last checked.

What version does sVanilla Survival support?

sVanilla Survival supports Minecraft clients version 1.18.2.

Where is sVanilla Survival Minecraft server located?

The sVanilla Survival server is located in United States, was last accessed 5 minutes ago and has a very fast connection.

Which GameModes can be played on sVanilla Survival

sVanilla Survival server allows you to play can play PvE, PvP, Raiding, Survival, Vanilla GameModes.