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SqueejCraft Pro
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SqueejCraft Pro

SqueejCraft Pro

Release Date: 12/18/2021
Java and Bedrock compatible

SqueejCraft Pro is a semi-vanilla smp server built by a community of Minecraft enthusiasts, designed to respect Mojang's vision by ensuring that the raw vanilla experience remains in-tact without sacrificing server functionality or gameplay quality. As a semi-vanilla server, we provide a detailed and generous land claim system to protect your builds from griefers, a trade shop system for creating your own shops using signs and chests, the ability to teleport to other players by sending them teleport requests, and 1 home-teleport point for everyone. However, what makes us unique isn't the features we have added, it's what we haven't added. There is no virtual economy, there are no custom items, there is no pay to win. There is no back command or keep-inventory, no starter items or kits. If you want to get ahead, be prepared to grind the old fashioned way.

Everything, including the spawn, was built in survival mode.
The world border is set to 2 million and PvE is the default.

What is the server IP address for SqueejCraft Pro?

The server IP for SqueejCraft Pro is squeejcraft.pro. You can copy the server IP or find Discord, website or more information in server info.

How do I play on the SqueejCraft Pro?

Open your Launcher. Next, click the Play button. Select the Multiplayer option from this menu.

Click on "Add Server", type squeejcraft.pro, and then hit "Done".

It will usually take a couple of seconds for the connection to become available. Once it does, it should be able to turn green.

You may now click on "Join Server", to play on SqueejCraft Pro.

There were 0 players playing SqueejCraft Pro when the server was last checked.

What version does SqueejCraft Pro support?

SqueejCraft Pro supports Minecraft clients version 1.18.1.

Where is SqueejCraft Pro Minecraft server located?

The SqueejCraft Pro server is located in United States, was last accessed 25 minutes ago and has a very fast connection.

Which GameModes can be played on SqueejCraft Pro

SqueejCraft Pro server allows you to play can play PvE, Survival, Vanilla, Economy, SMP, Fun GameModes.