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The Underdark
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The Underdark

The Underdark

The Underdark is a vast network of underground caverns and tunnels underneath the surface of Abeir-Toril. It was home to a host of evil beings driven deep into the caverns at the end of the age of demons.

The fictional Underdark's physical characteristics are based upon conditions in real-world caverns deep underground, except at immense size. Within the context of a game, the Underdark is extremely dangerous, especially to non-native characters and creatures. There are also the usual dangers associated with caverns: claustrophobia, poor air circulation, floor/ceiling collapses and getting lost.

There is no light except for occasional patches of phosphorescent fungus, or the rarely spotted torch wood is again not that common but it does grow all around the "underdark" [server map] and where it does grow the trees are massive, they grow thick and tall and are all ancient! there are mostly covered in vines, this is the underground

Stay posted with us, and keep up to date by joining our discord! We expect open beta in April 2021...

What is the server IP address for The Underdark?

The server IP for The Underdark is underdark2.net. You can copy the server IP or find Discord, website or more information in server info.

How do I play on the The Underdark?

Open your Launcher. Next, click the Play button. Select the Multiplayer option from this menu.

Click on "Add Server", type underdark2.net, and then hit "Done".

It will usually take a couple of seconds for the connection to become available. Once it does, it should be able to turn green.

You may now click on "Join Server", to play on The Underdark.

What version does The Underdark support?

The Underdark supports Minecraft clients version 1.18.1.

Where is The Underdark Minecraft server located?

The The Underdark server is located in United States, was last accessed 24 minutes ago and has a very fast connection.

Which GameModes can be played on The Underdark

The Underdark server allows you to play can play McMMO, PvP, Roleplay, Fun GameModes.