Minecraft PvE Servers

PvE servers are servers with PvP disabled, so players can't fight each other, they can only fight mobs. With the resources they have gathered from the wilderness, players must defeat mobs.

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101Grand Theft Minecart GTAGrand Theft Minecart GTA

Grand Theft Minecart GTA is listed in PvE servers. The most played Grand Theft Auto in Minecraft server. IP: org.gtm.network Features: * Use our 35 custom weapons; from shotguns to snipers, all unique to GTM * Realistic resource pack * Drive custo...


StickyMC is listed in PvE servers. StickyMC is server where players play an enhanced version of survival. Players can establish their own town and later on their own kingdom. While we have a lot of unique features to offer, our main goal is to est...

105AbsolutGG - MinecraftAbsolutGG - Minecraft

AbsolutGG - Minecraft is listed in PvE servers. Ol pessoal apresento a vocs o AbsolutGG, Servidor para voc que curte jogar e curti a simplicidade do jogo porem, aqui alm de ter os recursos bsicos ainda temos coisas extras que melhoram a experincia...


RexCivil is listed in PvE servers. RexCivil is a one-of-a-kind peaceful survival server, featuring claiming, keep inventory, unique weapons designed by the owner himself (alongside a few implemented from community suggestions), and beautifully han...

114All The Mods 6 The Leg...All The Mods 6 The Legacy Voyage

All The Mods 6 The Legacy Voyage is listed in PvE servers. New ATM 6 Server running the latest version of the modpack Server has 16Gb of ram allocated on a dedicated machine IP: thelegacyvoyage.xyz:25566 Discord: https://discord.gg/vWErt2DfqF

117Manana - Regular survi...Manana - Regular survival or UHC

Manana - Regular survival or UHC is listed in PvE servers. Darkness - From ultra-hardcore to regular survival minecraft [+] Full protection of your builds [+] PVP is optional (you decide) [+] Runs always on the newest minecraft version [+] Decide ...


Proyecto40 is listed in PvE servers. Somos un server de Minecraft caracterizado por darles una buena experiencia de juego a nuestros usuarios, soportando versiones desde 1.8.8 a 1.16.5, con modalidades como SkyBlock, BedWars, SkyPvP, Anarquia, Amo...

120MxRox GTAMxRox GTA

MxRox GTA is listed in PvE servers. Loot in game chests Buy Houses/Apartments Conquer the GTA Fight Other Gangs Claim in game bounties Hunt Bounties


Pixelax is listed in PvE servers. As-tu dj recherch un serveur Pokmon sur Minecraft innovant et actif ? Pixelax, un serveur Pixelmon fourni d'innovations. Ce serveur actif et lcoute de sa communaut organise de nombreuses animations afin de gar...

131OrangeCraft SurvivalOrangeCraft Survival

OrangeCraft Survival is listed in PvE servers. We are a small survival server! We have custom enchants! We have adult staff! Our server provides a PvE survival experience and PvP is enabled for players who want to PvP! We have an active playerbase...


Survilla is listed in PvE servers. Teamwork isn't just practised at Survilla - it's perfected. We make each day great, together. We create an exciting gaming atmosphere with a culture focused on fun and community. Survival 1.14.3: Survival...

134Wool EmpireWool Empire

Wool Empire is listed in PvE servers. Wool Empire is a Semi-Vanilla Server | 1.18 | This server has something for every kind of Vanilla player out there! Whether that would be to become the best PvPer! Or strive the earn every rank there is on the...

135FuzenMC NetworkFuzenMC Network

FuzenMC Network is listed in PvE servers. Somos un servidor hispanohablante! Contamos con diferentes modalidades como BedWars, SkyWars, FullPvP, OneBlock, Survival, SkyBlock, ArenaPvP, TNTRun, en donde podrs venir a convivir y pasar un gran rato c...


DarksCorner is listed in PvE servers. DarksCorner is a server owned by the popular youtuber Dark Corners. We currently have a survival server running on 1.15.2 without any lag. Feel free to check us out. Don't forget to join our discord: disco...


blujay.xyz is listed in PvE servers. blujay.xyz is a small survival minecraft server with lots of additional features! We are a small but dedicated community of players centered around building cool stuff. All griefing is rolled back so you can fo...

143Renatus NetworkRenatus Network

Renatus Network is listed in PvE servers. Widely regarded as one of the best Minecraft Parkour servers out there, we also featured other game-modes such as KitPvP, Creative, Survival, Parkour, and more! Join Today! Renatus Network - Home of top-qu...


efCraftSurvival is listed in PvE servers. Welcome to the efCraft Survival server. Griefing, stealing, PVPing is not allowed. We will have a Points system, which is run by enjin. Because of this we encourage everyone to register for our enjin site ...

147Realistic CraftRealistic Craft

Realistic Craft is listed in PvE servers. A basic world with only one rule: You can't cheat. Outside of server regions, like spawns, you can build anywhere. This server will always be free to play. Soon, we will be adding quests and other stuf...


Legacy is listed in PvE servers. Currently we have a Survival world with tons of great features such as: - Towny - SlimeFun - Runecraft - Custom Worlds - Lucky Blocks - Quests - Pets - marriages - mcMMO stats - and tons more!

153Xiavic NetworkXiavic Network

Xiavic Network is listed in PvE servers. ** Xiavic Survival ** Right now you must be thinking... "wow, another minecraft server with the same old boring stuff!" but I can guarantee that it will not just be "another minecraft server&...

157Peaceful craftPeaceful craft

Peaceful craft is listed in PvE servers. PeacefulCraft first came online in October of 2012. Over the years weve expanded our gamemode selection and currently host PvE, Peaceful, and Creative Plots servers. Our friendly and dedicated moderation te...

163Minetality Vanilla ServerMinetality Vanilla Server

Minetality Vanilla Server is listed in PvE servers. Minetalty Vanilla Server vanilla.minetality.net The Minetality Vanilla server - Friendly, inclusive and community oriented Minecraft server. No greifing, hacking or duping allowed!

168The Bitcubes CommunityThe Bitcubes Community

The Bitcubes Community is listed in PvE servers. The Bitcubes Community is all about minecraft. We play Different styles so you can find everything you like on our servers! Bored in survival go play creative or beat the skyblock challenge. Or if y...

174Core MCCore MC

Core MC is listed in PvE servers. CoreMC is a new Minecraft survival server with no rules. Invite your friends and play how you want. Builders, pvpers, griefers, and all other kinds of Minecraft players are encouraged to try out our server! Get ge...

175Shorihn Fantasy WorldShorihn Fantasy World

Shorihn Fantasy World is listed in PvE servers. A fantasy world that stretched for miles. You are welcomed onto the lands of Enen, new to all who venture there. A land of great beauty and wonder with folk like you to explore and settle in. Join in...


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