PvE Minecraft Servers

PvE (Player versus Environment) Minecraft Servers are servers that prioritize cooperative gameplay and focus on battling against mobs and challenges within the Minecraft world. These servers provide a safe and cooperative environment where players can work together to explore, build, and face off against hostile creatures without the fear of PvP (Player versus Player) combat.

On PvE Minecraft Servers, the main emphasis is on collaboration and teamwork to overcome the various challenges presented by the game. Players can join forces to construct elaborate structures, gather resources, and embark on adventures without the worry of other players attacking them. PvE servers encourage cooperation and mutual support, fostering a friendly and inclusive community.

The primary objective on PvE Servers is to thrive and succeed in a cooperative environment by exploring the vast Minecraft world, defeating mobs, and conquering challenging dungeons or custom-built PvE encounters. These servers may also feature custom plugins, mods, or gameplay mechanics to enhance the PvE experience, such as unique quests, boss battles, or progression systems.

PvE Minecraft Servers List

Rank Name Server Players Status

Welcome to Wynncraft, an unparalleled Minecraft MMORPG experience like no other! Embark on an extraordinary journey filled with thrilling quests, spellbinding adventures, and endless opportunities for exploration.In Wynncraft, you'll immerse yourself in a rich and expansive world brimming with de...


Embark on a thrilling journey of survival and danger in MineDead, the ultimate zombie-infested Minecraft server. Prepare yourself for heart-pounding battles, expansive exploration, valuable loot, and exhilarating character progression!As a pioneer in the realm of zombie survival, MineDead brings ...


Welcome to Applecraft - the ultimate survival experience!If you're seeking a server that truly values the essence of survival, look no further. Applecraft offers a pure survival environment with a range of exciting features to enhance your gameplay. Our dedicated and friendly staff are always rea...


Welcome to Becto!Becto.net is not just another Minecraft server, it's a one-of-a-kind network that offers a truly unique and exhilarating gameplay experience. Prepare yourself for a world like no other, where adventure, excitement, and endless possibilities await.Step into our realm and discover ...


Embark on a truly unique and immersive survival journey at MineSeed!Discover a server that offers a refreshing twist on the traditional Minecraft experience. We have carefully crafted an environment where the essence of vanilla survival shines, while incorporating exciting features to enhance you...

28Pokemon No Mods

Welcome to PokWild, the ultimate destination for Pokémon enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary adventure in a non-modded Pixelmon survival gamemode. Immerse yourself in a captivating and fully vanilla experience where no mods are needed to embark on your Pokémon journey.Discover the ...


Welcome to Shotbow, the pioneering server network that revolutionized the Minecraft multiplayer experience!As the original server network, Shotbow is proud to offer a collection of entirely custom-coded gamemodes that will take your Minecraft adventures to the next level. Prepare yourself for the...

36Rede Revo

Bem-vindos à Rede Revo, a rede de servidores mais incrível que você já encontrou!Aceitamos jogadores da versão 1.8 até a 1.18.1, oferecendo uma experiência completa para todos os fãs de Minecraft.Survival - 1.18.1:Eventos diários emocio...


Welcome to PokeSaga, your ultimate Pokemon adventure in the world of Minecraft! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with Pokemon battles, exploration, and endless possibilities.We're proud to be running Pixelmon Reforged v8.3.8, the most comprehensive and feature-rich Pokemon mod av...


Welcome to Vulengate, a vibrant and community-focused survival server that offers an immersive and enjoyable Minecraft experience.At Vulengate, we prioritize creating a welcoming and inclusive community where players can connect, collaborate, and embark on exciting adventures together. To ensure ...


Welcome to StickyMC, where survival takes on a whole new level of excitement! Immerse yourself in a unique and enhanced survival experience that will keep you hooked from the moment you join. At StickyMC, we're more than just a server - we're a thriving community with a focus on creating a chill ...

47Simple Survival

Welcome to Simple Survival!Simple Survival is a thriving Minecraft server designed for those who enjoy the classic survival experience. Immerse yourself in a world of adventure, creativity, and community as you embark on your journey.Server Features:Survival: Dive into our survival world and test...

54FTB Ultimate Reloaded ...

Welcome to FTB Ultimate Reloaded by CraftersLand, an immersive Minecraft server experience that takes the classic FTB Ultimate Reloaded modpack to new heights. Prepare yourself for a journey filled with endless possibilities as you explore a server that prioritizes community, economy, and excitin...

58FTB Revelation by Craf...

Welcome to FTB Revelation by CraftersLand - Your Ultimate Modded Minecraft Experience!Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure in the world of modded Minecraft. CraftersLand invites you to join our FTB Revelation server, where a realm of limitless possibilities awaits. With an array of e...

59FTB Continuum by Craft...

Welcome to FTB Continuum by CraftersLand, a Minecraft server that promises an exceptional gameplay experience like no other. Prepare to embark on a journey filled with adventure, innovation, and boundless possibilities in a world where imagination knows no limits.At CraftersLand, we pride ourselv...

67Grand Theft Minecart GTA

Welcome to Grand Theft Minecart (GTM) GTA Minecraft Server!Experience the thrill of the most popular Grand Theft Auto server in Minecraft. Step into a world of excitement, action, and limitless possibilities as you embark on an unforgettable journey through MineSantos, Sanktburg, or New Mineport....


Welcome to Pikacore, a Minecraft server designed for seasoned Pixelmon players seeking a more challenging and immersive gameplay experience. Prepare yourself for an adventure that will push your skills to the limit and reward your dedication with unparalleled satisfaction.At Pikacore, we embrace ...

71HaliaCraft Network

¡Bienvenido a HaliaCraft Network!Somos un servidor Hispano dedicado a la supervivencia, PvE y un poco de PvP. Nos enorgullece ofrecer una experiencia de juego de calidad y trabajamos arduamente para mejorar día a día. Actualmente, contamos con cuatro modalidades emocionantes: ...

72AbsolutGG - Minecraft

Welcome to AbsolutGG - Minecraft, the ultimate server for those who appreciate the simplicity and joy of the game. We offer a unique Minecraft experience that goes beyond the basics, providing you with exciting features and enhancements to elevate your gameplay.Features that Set Us Apart:Rankup S...


Welcome to SurvShaders, the ultimate survival experience enhanced by a wide range of useful and exciting plugins. Immerse yourself in a world where survival takes center stage, while the addition of Shaders mod elevates your gameplay to new heights. Join us on this thrilling adventure and discove...

74Simple Anarchy

Welcome to Simple Anarchy, a brand new anarchic server where chaos reigns and history is waiting to be written! Join us in a world where anything goes, and the thrill of unpredictability awaits at every turn.Simple Anarchy offers a unique experience where occasionally, an active duplication glitc...


Bienvenue sur Akinao, un serveur Minecraft français qui ouvre ses portes avec une expérience de survie en version 1.18.2 ! Plongez dans un monde riche et captivant où vous pourrez explorer, construire et interagir avec une communauté dynamique.Notre serveur se concentr...


Welcome to CrafterLife, a realm beyond the mortal realm where your adventures continue even after death. Don't worry, the transition may be surprising, but it's an opportunity for ultimate freedom and endless exploration. Welcome to your Crafting Afterlife.CrafterLife is a thriving and vibrant se...

83Galactic Prison

Welcome to Galactic Prison, the ultimate destination for a thrilling and immersive prison experience in Minecraft! We are excited to announce the release of Season 5, featuring a full reset that brings a fresh start to all players.On Galactic Prison, we offer a unique progression server that will...

84Alpha Prison 3.0

Welcome to Alpha Prison 3.0 - Unleash Your Inner Convict!Prepare yourself for an exhilarating prison experience like no other. Alpha Prison 3.0 invites you to embark on a thrilling journey through our carefully crafted correctional facility, filled with countless opportunities and exciting challe...


PvE Minecraft Servers provide a relaxed and non-competitive atmosphere where players can enjoy the game at their own pace. They offer a place for players who prefer a cooperative and community-focused gameplay experience, where they can share their achievements, collaborate on large-scale projects, and engage in PvE challenges together.

Joining a PvE Minecraft Server offers an immersive and cooperative adventure where you can work together with fellow players to conquer the game's challenges, explore the vast Minecraft world, and enjoy a more relaxed and cooperative gameplay experience.

Prepare to embark on a journey of exploration, cooperation, and mob-slaying in a safe and friendly environment on PvE Minecraft Servers. Engage in cooperative gameplay, build lasting friendships, and embrace the challenges that await you as you band together with other players to conquer the Minecraft world.