Minecraft Whitelist Servers

Minecraft Whitelist Servers are private servers that require players to be added to a whitelist before they can join and participate in the gameplay. These servers provide a more controlled and exclusive environment, allowing server owners to carefully select who can access and play on their server.

On Whitelist Servers, the server owner maintains a list of approved players, commonly known as the whitelist. Only players whose Minecraft usernames are included in this list are granted permission to join the server. This whitelist serves as a form of access control, ensuring that only trusted and authorized individuals can connect and interact with the server's community.

Whitelist Servers are often utilized by communities or groups of friends who want to create a private and secure space to play Minecraft together. It enables players to have a more intimate and close-knit gaming experience, as they can trust that only approved individuals are able to join and participate.

Minecraft Whitelist Servers List

Rank Name Server Players Status
86The Book Of Ventura

Welcome to The Book Of Ventura, a remarkable Minecraft server that invites you to immerse yourself in a world of high fantasy and medieval roleplay, with a touch of steam punk for added excitement.Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey as you step into a realm unlike any other. Our server ...


Welcome to BoredomMC!Are you tired of crowded and chaotic Minecraft servers? Look no further, because BoredomMC is here to provide you with a private and Whitelisted vanilla gameplay experience. Step into a world where Minecraft is played the way it was meant to be played, with a focus on communi...


Welcome to MatureCraft, where Minecraft meets maturity and relaxation! We are a dedicated community of adult players who appreciate the finer things in life and value a peaceful and enjoyable gaming experience.At MatureCraft, we prioritize creating a positive and respectful environment for all pl...


Welcome to HangoutMC, an exclusive Minecraft server for adults aged 25 and above. Our server is carefully curated to provide a mature and enjoyable gaming experience, where like-minded individuals can come together and create lasting memories.To ensure a friendly and welcoming environment, we ope...

104Surivival With Mods

Welcome to Survival With Mods, the ultimate Minecraft experience where you can enjoy the best of both worlds - mods and survival gameplay!Our server offers a unique twist to traditional survival by incorporating a wide range of mods into the gameplay. The best part? No downloads or Forge required...


Welcome to RabbitCraft Season 2, where a thrilling adventure awaits you! Step into Tortuga, our newly launched SMP (Survival Multiplayer) world, and immerse yourself in a captivating pirate-themed experience. Set sail on epic voyages, discover hidden treasures, and forge unforgettable memories al...


Welcome to EmpireCraft, a Minecraft server that promises an immersive and captivating experience like no other!Step into a world of endless possibilities, where you have the power to shape your own destiny. Our server is built on the foundation of community, creativity, and adventure, providing y...


Welcome to Peepofarms, the ultimate farm server that caters to the whimsical world of peepos! Immerse yourself in a delightful community where multiple languages are embraced and celebrated. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or a newcomer to the realm, we welcome you with open arms to join us on t...


Welcome to WiseCraft, the ultimate destination for builders, redstone enthusiasts, and technical farmers! If you have a passion for grand projects and intricate designs, you've come to the right place.Our server is specifically tailored to cater to your creative aspirations. Whether you're embark...


Welcome to LiberCraft, where fun and friendship come together in the world of Minecraft! We are a diverse group of players who prioritize having a good time and building connections with fellow gamers from all over the globe. If you're looking for a welcoming and inclusive community, look no furt...


Welcome to ZeldaCraft, the ultimate destination for all Legend of Zelda fans and Minecraft enthusiasts! Immerse yourself in a world where the beloved Zelda universe comes to life, allowing you to embark on incredible adventures and build to your heart's content.As the number one Legend of Zelda-t...

272The Cake

Welcome to "The Cake," a delightful Minecraft server where you'll find a close-knit community dedicated to providing a casual, safe, and enjoyable environment for all players. Since its inception in 2013 as a Whitelisted community, our server has evolved and grown, and in 2015, we proudly opened ...

281Your Hermitcraft

Welcome to Your Hermitcraft, the ultimate Minecraft experience designed for those seeking a unique and enjoyable vanilla gameplay! Immerse yourself in our 1.16.1 server, enhanced with over 50 datapacks that elevate your Minecraft adventure to new heights.At Your Hermitcraft, we believe in creatin...


Welcome to DisguisedSMP, the ultimate private survival multiplayer experience! Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey in a carefully crafted world where adventure awaits at every turn. Are you ready to join an exclusive community of passionate Minecraft players?To ensure a truly immersive and d...


Welcome to SoftSlayer - a Minecraft server with a long-standing history and a dedicated community!For nearly 9 years, SoftSlayer has been a hub for gamers to come together and enjoy various games, including Minecraft. Our server may be small, but it exudes a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. We stri...

343Semi-Vanilla Tyme

Welcome to Semi-Vanilla Tyme!Looking for a unique twist on the vanilla Minecraft experience? Look no further! Semi-Vanilla Tyme offers a one-of-a-kind gameplay that combines the best elements of vanilla gameplay with some exciting features inspired by the renowned HermitCraft server. Join our whi...

410Evening Hills SMP

Welcome to Evening Hills SMP, a Whitelisted vanilla Minecraft server where community and collaboration thrive!At Evening Hills, we believe in creating a friendly and inclusive environment for players who appreciate the essence of vanilla gameplay. Our server is carefully curated to provide a sere...

470Beanscraft || Quasi-Va...

Welcome to Beanscraft || Quasi-Vanilla SMP ||, a thriving 1.13.2+ Survival Multiplayer server that offers a unique and enriching Minecraft experience.At Beanscraft, we strive to create a server that combines the best aspects of vanilla gameplay with enhanced mechanics and a strong sense of commun...

487Silver Springs Survival

Welcome to Silver Springs Survival!Are you seeking a challenging survival experience, where your hard work and creativity flourish without the fear of theft, griefing, or PvP interruptions? Look no further! Silver Springs Survival is the perfect haven for those who enjoy a tougher survival enviro...

497Vanilla Tyme

Welcome to Vanilla Tyme, where the essence of Minecraft's pure survival thrives! Step into a realm of untouched authenticity, as we offer a true vanilla experience without any game-altering plugins. Our community is built upon a foundation of dedicated players who appreciate the raw beauty and ch...

566Pappas Hermits

Welcome to Pappas Hermits, where a vibrant community of builders comes together to create a truly exceptional Minecraft experience.As we embark on our 4th season starting December 1st, 2021, we welcome you to join our brand new 1.18 world and unleash your creativity like never before. Pappas Herm...

569DvZ Server - The LihP ...

Welcome to the DvZ Server - The LihP Network, where you can experience Minecraft like never before! Immerse yourself in the thrilling PvP game mode of DvZ, where you have the opportunity to play as a monster with unique abilities.In DvZ, two teams, the dwarves and the zombies, face off in an epic...

616Rivens Universe

Welcome to Rivens Universe, a Minecraft server that has been providing an immersive experience since its founding on June 4, 2016, by the visionary riv6n. We pride ourselves on creating a unique universe where players can explore, create, and connect in a welcoming and inclusive community.Join ou...


Welcome to Blithe, a Whitelisted semi-vanilla survival server where your creativity knows no bounds! Immerse yourself in a gameplay experience that closely resembles that of Hermitcraft, with a few enhanced features to enhance your adventure.Our server aims to provide a close-to-vanilla experienc...


Welcome to Cottagecraft, a private and Whitelisted, semi-vanilla, survival cottagecore Minecraft Java server!At Cottagecraft, we are dedicated to creating a warm and inviting community for players aged 14-25. To join our server, simply hop on our Discord and get Whitelisted to embark on an unforg...


One of the primary benefits of Whitelist Servers is that they offer a higher level of protection against griefing, trolling, and unwanted disruptions. By restricting access to a select group of players, server owners can foster a more friendly and cooperative atmosphere within the community. This can enhance collaboration, encourage long-term friendships, and promote a sense of trust and security among players.

To join a Whitelist Server, players typically need to apply or be invited by the server owner or administrators. This usually involves submitting an application or requesting to be added to the whitelist through a designated process, such as a website form or direct communication with the server staff. Once approved, the player's Minecraft username is added to the whitelist, granting them access to the server.

Joining a Minecraft Whitelist Server offers a private and exclusive gaming experience where you can play with a select group of trusted individuals. It provides a sense of community, security, and control, allowing you to enjoy Minecraft in a more personalized and tailored environment.

Prepare to become part of a carefully curated community, collaborate with trusted players, and enjoy a more intimate Minecraft experience on Whitelist Servers. Embrace the exclusivity and camaraderie that comes with being part of a whitelist community, where you can forge lasting friendships and create memorable adventures together.