Minecraft Whitelist Servers

Minecraft Whitelist Servers are private servers that require players to be added to a whitelist before they can join and participate in the gameplay. These servers provide a more controlled and exclusive environment, allowing server owners to carefully select who can access and play on their server.

On Whitelist Servers, the server owner maintains a list of approved players, commonly known as the whitelist. Only players whose Minecraft usernames are included in this list are granted permission to join the server. This whitelist serves as a form of access control, ensuring that only trusted and authorized individuals can connect and interact with the server's community.

Whitelist Servers are often utilized by communities or groups of friends who want to create a private and secure space to play Minecraft together. It enables players to have a more intimate and close-knit gaming experience, as they can trust that only approved individuals are able to join and participate.


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Rank Name Server Players Status
106DvZ Server - The LihP ...

Play Minecraft as a monster! You will look like the monster and have it's abilities. The PvP game mode DvZ has two teams, the dwarves and the zombies. The dwarf team have three shrines to defend from the zombies. When a dwarf dies they join the monster team and play as one of 10+ classes. The...


Info: Well where do I start... SoftSlayer has been around for about 9 years now, with a pretty dedicated community that still plays a bunch of games together (obviously including Minecraft). Our server is small and pretty simple, it's a mostly vanilla atmosphere with a few things added like /...


**YOU MUST JOIN THE DISCORD TO BE WhitelistED** Cottagecraft is a private Whitelisted, semi-vanilla, survival cottagecore 1.18 Minecraft Java server for players aged 14-25. We are a friendly group of MC Java players that want to foster a community for everyone; there is both an active Discord s...


ZeldaCraft is the number one Legend of Zelda-themed freebuild Minecraft server. There's no Whitelist and no other hassles needed to join - simply login, access our freebuild world, and interact with other Zelda fans from around the world! ZeldaCraft has a friendly community, and as well as ex...

148The Cake

We are a close-knit server community designed to be a casual, safe, and fun place to enjoy Minecraft. This server was first launched in 2013 as a Whitelisted communitiy. Now, in 2015, we have opened our doors to welcome everyone! The founders of Cake created this server to bring friends together ...


Adults Only Minecraft Server Age 25+ Whitelisted Via Application via Forum . Semi Vanilla,Vanilla, Permanent Worlds. Forum Address for applications : hangoutmc.com/ Active Community Forum and Discord Server Events Ran Throughout the year

167Your Hermitcraft

Your Hermitcraft (You must apply in the PlanetMinecraft comments section [ https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/your-hermitcraft-amplified-datapacks-hard-Whitelist/ ], or our discord to join) Your Hermitcraft is a 1.16.1 Minecraft vanilla server. We offer over 50 datapacks to make Minecraft a m...

183Silver Springs Survival

Silver Springs Survival is a place for those looking for a harder survival experience without the risk of theft, griefing, or PvP. Server info and settings - 8 GIGs of RAM with Solid State Drive - 48 player slots - Difficulty: Hard - Map size: Unlimited - No Whitelist - Custom PVP script to enabl...

205Vanilla Tyme

Vanilla Tyme is a survival server that offers a vanilla experience, with no game altering plugins. We are a Whitelisted community. You must apply to play. We encourage those applying to put effort in to their application. We have an active, friendly, and mature community with a dedicated staff te...

209Pappas Hermits

Pappa's Hermits is starting its 4th season on December 1st 2021 with a brand new 1.18 world. The server is a Whitelist vanilla Minecraft survival server with a few tweaks and quality of life improvements, intended for a Hermitcraft-like experience - ie. think big, make it look nice, and help ...


We are a diverse group of MC players who aim at having a good time together. We believe that having fun is the most important part of the game, and we love to make new friends all over the world. Does this sound like the place for you? Then dont hesitate and sign up for our Whitelist to join us! ...

339Surivival With Mods

(NO DOWNLOADS!! AND NO FORGE!) Is a SMALL server still but it has it perks... I'm a modder so that's what goes on in this server regularly! And for all the people that got Whitelist kicked wait 1 min and re join if it still don't work wait a day or contact me on steam [R3]doitranch an...


Boredom MC is a private/Whitelisted vanilla gameplay SMP server focused on keeping Minecraft the way it's meant to be played. We now only accept players that are 17 years of age, or older. We have a dedicated staff team and an amazing community of tightly-knitted players who make this an expe...

371Semi-Vanilla Tyme

Semi-Vanilla Tyme offers a twist on the vanilla experience, with some features that you've seen on HermitCraft. We are a Whitelisted community and in order to play, you must apply. We encourage those applying to put effort in to their application. Some highlights include: Shop district, Playe...


Private SMP make a ticket to get Whitelisted Server opens on sunday. already 29 member in discord Join now wars wil happen and team up with your friends Good luck.


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426Rivens Universe

Riven's Universe, founded June 4, 2016 by riv6n Official Riven's Universe Discord: https://discord.gg/0yOCr7TFb1tgLi6k Contact: @Akeki Jinsai#4444 What we have: Creative plots - 101x101 Freebuild (RP, Whitelisted, application only) Custom OTG survival 1st amendment friendly Completely fre...


A peepo farm server, multiple languages allowed! NaM! To get Whitelisted ask for Whitelist in the Discord, shouldn't take long at all. https://discord.com/invite/nymn Rules are very simple, no griefing and stuff. Version is 1.18


Welcome to RabbitCraft Season 2 and you are right at the start of the adventure! We at RabbitCraft have started a new SMP called Tortuga where you can be a Pirate and sail around the world with a fantastic community by your side. This is a secure and Whitelist server only, you will have to join o...

590Evening Hills SMP

Hi there! Evening Hills is a Whitelisted vanilla SMP. We have terrific staff, terrific specs and a terrific community. We dont do raiding and griefing here - if that's your thing, that's fine, but this isn't the place for you. Want to join? Please join our discord using the invite lin...


We are a Whitelisted semi-vanilla survival server enhanced with; an armor-stand editor, proximity chat, mini-blocks, and other plugins that give players the closest gameplay experiences to that of Hermitcraft. Most other plugins used are for moderation and lag efficiency like Core Protect which h...

617The Book Of Ventura

Welcome to The Book Of Ventura The Book Of Ventura is a high fantasy, medieval roleplay server with a hint of steam punk. This server is very unique and unlike any other! We have things like: - An audio plugin - Particle effects which show when someone cast magic - Unique player events - Familiar...


WiseCraft is for people who love to build big projects including redstone, big builds, or technical farms. We have a few plugins for niche modifications like Veinminer, timber, and multiplayer sleep, so YOU have an easier time gathering resources for your journey. Come join our friendly community...


Vanilla Minecraft server with a friendly community, join to create your own nation or to just vibe. In order to join first you need to be Whitelisted by joining discord server! https://discord.gg/AnZWq8yA7Y

687Beanscraft || Quasi-Va...

Beanscraft is a 1.13.2+ Survival Multiplayer server. The server has an economy, GriefPrevention, pvp and /siege, enhanced mechanics, and everything you can experience in vanilla Minecraft! There is no Whitelist, nor are there any hoops to jump through to start off. Play with friends, play alone, ...


One of the primary benefits of Whitelist Servers is that they offer a higher level of protection against griefing, trolling, and unwanted disruptions. By restricting access to a select group of players, server owners can foster a more friendly and cooperative atmosphere within the community. This can enhance collaboration, encourage long-term friendships, and promote a sense of trust and security among players.

To join a Whitelist Server, players typically need to apply or be invited by the server owner or administrators. This usually involves submitting an application or requesting to be added to the whitelist through a designated process, such as a website form or direct communication with the server staff. Once approved, the player's Minecraft username is added to the whitelist, granting them access to the server.

Joining a Minecraft Whitelist Server offers a private and exclusive gaming experience where you can play with a select group of trusted individuals. It provides a sense of community, security, and control, allowing you to enjoy Minecraft in a more personalized and tailored environment.

Prepare to become part of a carefully curated community, collaborate with trusted players, and enjoy a more intimate Minecraft experience on Whitelist Servers. Embrace the exclusivity and camaraderie that comes with being part of a whitelist community, where you can forge lasting friendships and create memorable adventures together.