Minecraft Parkour Servers

Minecraft Parkour Servers offer a specialized gameplay experience focused on the challenging and acrobatic activity of parkour within the Minecraft world. These servers provide custom-designed parkour courses and challenges that test players' agility, timing, and precision as they navigate through intricate obstacle courses.

On Parkour Servers, players can immerse themselves in a dedicated parkour environment filled with jumps, climbs, leaps, and other obstacles. These courses can vary in difficulty, from beginner-friendly courses with straightforward jumps to advanced courses that require expert maneuvering and timing.

Parkour Servers often feature a variety of parkour maps or levels, each with its own unique theme, layout, and difficulty progression. These maps can range from urban cityscapes to natural environments like forests, caves, or even floating islands. Each map presents its own set of challenges and obstacles, providing a diverse and engaging parkour experience.


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Rank Name Server Players Status

OPBlocks is a high-quality Minecraft Prison and Skyblock server featuring unique content and an amazing community, friendly staff, and awesome players like you! BEDROCK SUPPORTED! JAVA IP: hub.opblocks.com BEDROCK IP: hub.opblocks.com:19132 The Original Candy Prison Fully Custom Skyblock Parkour ...


Discord Adresimiz https://discord.gg/kcwPDAz Youtube Kanalmz https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_NVRfcF5flEh5GtaeuzjYw?view_as=subscriber


The Official SkyWars server that started it all! Battle players upon floating islands and be the last man standing! SkyWars IP: skywars.com Skyblock IP: skyblock.net - Playable on 1.8 - 1.18! - First and original server released in August of 2013. - Apart of the Official Skyblock server network. ...


Were running Pixelmon Reforged v8.3.6 Use our Technic Modpack to join us: https://anubismc.com/modpack If youre having any issues, hop into our Discord for assistance: https://discord.gg/anubismc


We're running Pixelmon Reforged v8.3.8 Use our Technic Modpack to join us: https://pokesaga.org/modpack If you're having any issues, hop into our Discord for assistance: https://discord.pokesaga.org/

38Advancius Network

BEDROCK EDITION PORT: 19132 Advancius Network is dedicated to creating quality experiences for everyone! Come join our welcoming community! We offer a 100% free rank system designed to reward skill and hard work that is integrated into a wide variety of different game modes, including: - Skyblock...

41MC Prison

Why should you join? Mc Prison is one of the best Prison servers where we take all suggestions and output it in the best Minecraft Prison Server Experience! You can do anything on it! Build, Mine, PVP, and more! IP: Mc-Prison.com Some things we do/have: Custom Plugins Weekly Free For All's Dr...

59Imagine Fun

Welcome to Imagine Fun. The most realistic Disneyland in Anaheim recreation you can possibly imagine. Tons of players and tons of items to collect and trade! Come try out all of the rides and meet new friends.


Server jest bardzo fajny zapraszamy i witamy.Jest duo zabaw np:KITPVP,CREATIF,Parkour.MINI GAES ghjklkjhgghjkjdhgjsdbviuffghdvbhgejwghhsvywgvjhdvyuwgvjdbvjdsguyjvbdjhgdsjfgsdjhggdhgjhdsbhdjsghsdgjdgvhdgjhsdvjhsdgvshjdvsjshgcjhsdvhdgdsg

78Renatus Network

Widely regarded as one of the best Minecraft Parkour servers out there, we also featured other game-modes such as KitPvP, Creative, Survival, Parkour, and more! Join Today! Renatus Network - Home of top-quality Parkour and true KitPvP -


A large Avatar Bending-based server, striving to achieve a larger, and larger community every day! Hop on, make some friends, and become the best player on our server.


Server IP: play.pixelballers.com Website: https://pixelballers.com Discord: https://discord.gg/YY2DSfEY8q Always on the latest Pixelmon Generations! Features: Legendary Exchange: Buy and Sell Legends Seasonpass: Updated with different rewards Pixelmon Raids and bosses: timed spawn so players can ...


This is one of the best skyblock servers of its host! Come and check it out! This server has Skyblock (amazing generators, ores, other players and more!), Survival (Plain old survival with custom armour, and generators just like skyblock), and Parkour (Skripted). Buy ranks, kits and more at scycr...

103Mole SMP

We are a new server, starting with the release of 1.18. We're looking for more friendly players to join our great community! We're working on adding some fun minigames and quests, and there's a hogwarts themed Parkour in the finishing stages. The server is mostly vanilla with plugins ...


MythicalMC is a brand new Minecraft server featuring original minigames that you wont find anywhere else. Our goal has been to create fresh Minecraft gameplay experiences that challenge new skills and bring a new competitive edge while still using the 1.8 combat style. Reach to the skies in Sky R...


ZeldaCraft is the number one Legend of Zelda-themed freebuild Minecraft server. There's no whitelist and no other hassles needed to join - simply login, access our freebuild world, and interact with other Zelda fans from around the world! ZeldaCraft has a friendly community, and as well as ex...


1.12 - 1.18.1 Bedrock players use IP: bedrock.rsmv.net XRUN - The original Xrun from RSMV.net !!! Over 70 maps, and all the RAGE! !!!NEW!!! STORYBOOK - Click and Play with friends, over 150 ADVENTURE MAPS by some of the best Map Makers in Minecraft!! We set the map, the version, the texturepacks!...

158Mumaus Prison Server

Mumaus Server has been running since 2011, being able to provide fun to more than 130 thousand players. We have been one of the most successful prison themed servers for a long time. Now back from the dead, we decided to expand our horizons and provide a bunch of different entertainment choices f...

159Matrix Prison

Hello :) We hope all enjoy joining matrix prison We also have Parkour and some Minigames We hope you like and if vote :)


Enjoy it for free you can design things to play murder (: you can buy levels and get more approaches


cCraft als zweisprachiger Server (Deutsch/Englisch) wurde mit 1.7.x wieder offen betretbar gemacht - das Prinzip, so nah wie mglich am originalen Minecraft zu sein, hat hier hchste Prioritt. Als Spieler hat man die Mglichkeit, seine Bereiche eigenverantwortlich zu schtzen - ohne dafr einen Admin ...

175Orca Creative

OrcaCreative, as you might imagine, is a creative server. Our focus centers around a building community and we have multiple worlds to facilitate this. This server is not a plot server, plots are only used for contests. In addition, our atmosphere is family-friendly, no rude posting allowed.


Dieser Server ist ein Freebuild Server und hauptschlich deutschsprachig. Ihr knnt bauen, wo ihr mchtet, solange ihr unsere Regeln befolgt. Gegen Griefer kann man sich mit Grundstcken (plugin: GriefPrevention) schtzen. Alle weiteren Informationen findet ihr im Spiel. Der Rest ist eurer Kreativitt ...


Join the RedstonePvP community! RedstonePvP is a customized Minecraft server with a challenging gameplay. We have friendly staff to help you out and to keep the server clean of cheaters. The stable player base is small but cozy. The server is running custom plugins that deliver the best experienc...


Welcome to Gemcraft! We offer a 1.17 survival experience! We have a brand new, friendly, and active community to make your survival experience like no other. We have a dedicated team that is working to constantly provide new content and the best experience possible. With an active community and a...


The goal on Parkour Servers is to complete the parkour courses as quickly and efficiently as possible. Players can compete against each other to achieve the fastest completion times, adding a competitive element to the gameplay. Some servers may even offer leaderboards or rewards for top-performing players.

Parkour Servers also encourage exploration and discovery. Alongside the main parkour courses, there may be hidden secrets, alternative paths, or bonus challenges to uncover. These additional elements add depth and replayability to the server, enticing players to fully explore and master every aspect of the parkour experience.

Collaboration and community interaction are common on Parkour Servers. Players can engage in multiplayer parkour races, where they compete against each other in real-time to reach the finish line. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition as players strive to outperform their peers.

Joining a Minecraft Parkour Server offers an exhilarating and challenging gameplay experience that pushes your parkour skills to the limit. It's a test of agility, reflexes, and precision as you navigate through intricate obstacle courses, aiming for speed and perfection.

Prepare to leap, sprint, and maneuver through thrilling parkour challenges, exploring custom-designed courses and pushing your skills to new heights on Minecraft Parkour Servers. With a dedicated parkour environment and a community of like-minded players, you'll find endless opportunities to refine your techniques, tackle difficult jumps, and achieve parkour greatness in the vast Minecraft world.