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126PlayerUnions Internati...PlayerUnions International Anarchy

PlayerUnions International Anarchy is listed in Cracked servers. Welcome to this server ad! This server is available in two languages: English and Hungarian. Main features of the server: Anarchy server No rules Multilanguage Pure survival Cracked ...

218Tortuga Pirate NetworkTortuga Pirate Network

Tortuga Pirate Network is listed in Cracked servers. Tortuga Pirate Network is a small and growing community open to cracked and premium minecraft users 1.9 - 1.16.5 **MATURE PLAYERS ONLY PLEASE** TPNet currently offers: Lobby, Towny, Survival, Mi...

271Simple Factions MCSimple Factions MC

Simple Factions MC is listed in Cracked servers. Simple Factions is a small but new faction server that supports and clients including cracked clients. updated to support clients on 1.16.5 - 1.17.1 and newer. This server includes features such as....

539Egirls NationEgirls Nation

Egirls Nation is listed in Cracked servers. Egirls Nation is a cracked semi-vanilla minecraft anarchy server. We took the concept of classic anarchy like you see on 2B2T and other 2B clones and said "Why keep it boring?". So we slapped s...


Zedpixel-Network is listed in Cracked servers. Zedpixel Network is a Cracked Minecraft server! Open to both Regular and Cracked players. Our server's player base is intermittently growing since it's first released, with users from all over...


SaikoMC is listed in Cracked servers. Minecraft 1.8-1.12 (Cracked Server), MCMMO , Factions , Custom Enchantments , Rankups , SilkSpawners , PvP , Raiding , Breakable Obsidian , GUI Shops , Colored Anvil , and can easily grind with spawners with M...


CrazySMP is listed in Cracked servers. Official Voting Website for the Minecraft 1.17.1 Crazy SMP! Vote here to earn rewards Also Join the discord server **NOTE** This Server is Not Cracked (TLauncher is Not Allowed!)...


LightningCoreSMP is listed in Cracked servers. LightningCoreSMP is a High quality cracked 1.17.1 vanilla survival multiplayer server on Normal difficulty. Explore, Build and survive! Please connect if you are intrested, u will have fun :) This is ...


Cryptonia is listed in Cracked servers. A cracked minecraft server network exclusively for Aussie and hosted in Perth. We offer anarchy, creative, and survival servers that are kept on 24/7 Java: Bedrock: Port: 19132 (Def...


PeenoiseMC is listed in Cracked servers. PeenoiseMC is a Filipino Minecraft community server open for everyone as it is a cracked server. PeenoiseMC offers vanilla style gameplay no disabled features, no teleports, no creative/fly for regular play...


eyesplayzAnarchy is listed in Cracked servers. Anarchy server like 2b2t ... And its cracked for some brats with no rats you scary little cat....XD SO its just a normal Anarchy server with sm plugins like tpa, sethome,skinrestorer, etc....


TehCraft is listed in Cracked servers. A cool and fun Cross-Platform 1.18 Minecraft Java server that you should definitely check out! Currently supports Premium and Cracked. What are you waiting for? Join us now!


37craft is listed in Cracked servers. 1.8.9 Cracked SMP Server No Rules Good Anticheat No lag The video that is shown is the first live stream on the server


MiniCraft is listed in Cracked servers. The Best Server Have 9 MiniGames And We Will Add A New Gems Soon Server OFFLINE MODE Coming Soon Will be Cracked mode


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