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Applecraft is a survival server that offers ranks and extra /sethomes for voting, grief protection, custom player shops and friendly staff! We preserve your survival experience, and do not allow raiding or griefing, which means all your builds are completely safe. If you like pure survival, this ...


Home to MrCrainer, DirtMC is a skyblock server packed with unique features: - mcMMO - Adventures - Pocket Pets - Robots - Farming Quotas - Real money prizes - KOTHs - SkyDrops & more!

99Minecraft Addicts

Looking for the ultimate Minecraft experience? Since 2010, Minecraft Addicts has been pumping out the best of quality gaming for addicted gamers and for all players around the world. We focus on all game modes run on meticulously tuned worlds, including Build, Creative, PVP, PVE, and Nether. Our ...


MythicalMC is a brand new Minecraft server featuring original minigames that you wont find anywhere else. Our goal has been to create fresh Minecraft gameplay experiences that challenge new skills and bring a new competitive edge while still using the 1.8 combat style. Reach to the skies in Sky R...

127(Semi-Vanilla) Othorio...

Othorion is a Towny based survival server with enhanced PvE mechanics, powerful monsters, great economy system, balanced jobs mcmmo. We also handle very good events when we have many players. Nothing too complicated, however; our goal is too keep gameplay as simple and enjoyable as possible. Ou...


Around since 2011, we have seen Minecraft change quite a bit. We have a strong and easygoing community, with friendly players who will get you on your way. On VillageCraft, you can build a village to whatever style you feel, get it protected by one of our friendly staff, and then manage it howeve...

142The LihP Network

Please Dwarves vs Zombies with our minecraft community.

195Magoo Craft Non Modded...

MagooCraft is a new server, hosted by an extremely experience and friendly staff team. We run a dedicated server with 24/7 uptime, lots of plugins, no lag, and an amazing staff team. MagooCraft uses top of the line dedicated servers featuring E5v3 Xeon CPU and 32GB of ram! Our host is MCPro Hosti...

200Tree House

Tree house is all about Factions and Normal Survival things with some Natural Disasters all too make things a little bit more fun

208Beanscraft || Quasi-Va...

Beanscraft is a 1.13.2+ Survival Multiplayer server. The server has an economy, GriefPrevention, pvp and /siege, enhanced mechanics, and everything you can experience in vanilla Minecraft! There is no whitelist, nor are there any hoops to jump through to start off. Play with friends, play alone, ...


EstiNet - Different through thought. https://estinet.net/ _________________________________ EstiNet is a community Minecraft server network. Welcome to the original home of the ProtectionStones plugin. We are a simple, reliable (running for 6+ years) survival (plus creative/skyblock/etc) server l...

228DangerSb (beta)

TakenBlock Season 3 is Live! with tons of awesome features with an awesome sky-block server to go with it /warp pvp to fight!

240Skyblock SMP

The Skyblock SMP or the Floating SMP is an SMP with floating islands, plugin mods, flying boats to travel, custom villagers at spawn and different worlds of floating islands! Keep in mind, this is an SMP. No griefing, stealing, hacking, xray, etc etc... Use common sense. The YouTube video below w...

242The Fisk Community Server

The Fisk Community Server is a modded Minecraft server that uses the mod FiskFille's Superheroes mod.www.planetminecraft.com/mod/fisks-superheroes/ This server includes many fun features but it's main purpose is to allow you and your friends to play FiskHeroes together online and build an...

261Renatus Network

Widely regarded as one of the best Minecraft Parkour servers out there, we also featured other game-modes such as KitPvP, Creative, Survival, Parkour, and more! Join Today! Renatus Network - Home of top-quality Parkour and true KitPvP -

340Skuad Network

Hello all! Looking for a small community oriented Minecraft server? Well youve come to the right place! Skuad Network offers two gamemodes that seem to go hand in hand, Econ Survival and Creative Plots! What are you waiting for? Join us today! Discord: discord.io/skuadnetwork IP: mc.Skuad.org Sto...

355Spooky MC

Spooky MC is a new server looking for members and staff please check us out! we're a north American based PvP SMP server. We launched on Monday October 1st (Canadian Thanksgiving)

380Lost Fables

Lost Fables is a medieval fantasy Minecraft roleplay server, aiming for a rough tech-lock of the late medieval era, early colonialism. Currently in Beta. Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/CFx5SCz7Sc Throughout your time on the server, you will be able to roleplay and develop your characters in a...

391Orca Creative

OrcaCreative, as you might imagine, is a creative server. Our focus centers around a building community and we have multiple worlds to facilitate this. This server is not a plot server, plots are only used for contests. In addition, our atmosphere is family-friendly, no rude posting allowed.

41024/7 Miccraft Survival...

Server Name: 24/7 Miccraft Survival Server Server Address/IP: server1.miccraft.com TeamSpeak3 Server: teamspeak.Miccraft.com Youtube video: http://youtu.be/b8DUaLkobO0 Welcome to miccraft.com! Here's what you need to know! We are a mature, friendly community, and we take pride in the awesomen...


DivingFun4 Is The Great Place For PVP, Minigames, And More! You Can Join In To Mine Diamonds, Make A Base, And Have Some Fun! When you join the server start by getting the golden shovel in the chest behind you. This is because you will use it for creating your base. You also want to collect wood ...

481Ghostly Tavern

Ghostly Tavern What is the server about? Survival, Friendly, Player Economy, Simple Fun Quests, Custom recipes No griefing,hacking or stealing. Keep inventory is off Loot Chests On this server we have loot chests set up a little differently. Instead of going through a mineshaft and looting the ch...


This is one of the best skyblock servers of its host! Come and check it out! This server has Skyblock (amazing generators, ores, other players and more!), Survival (Plain old survival with custom armour, and generators just like skyblock), and Parkour (Skripted). Buy ranks, kits and more at scycr...


Smallish survival/creative server with a "long term" map; it's never been reset since pre-multiplayer and many thousands of player hours have gone into creating various things. Lots to explore and do.