List of Minecraft Servers in Argentina

Embark on an adventure through the finest Minecraft servers hosted in Argentina. Whether you're in search of exhilarating competitive PvP encounters, cooperative gameplay, or boundless creative building opportunities, the servers featured on this page are based in Argentina, offering a reliable and immersive gaming experience tailored to your region.

Immerse yourself in a vast array of game modes and vibrant communities, ranging from survival and factions to minigames, roleplaying, and much more. With their dedicated operations situated in Argentina, these servers ensure low-latency connections and seamless gameplay for players within the region.

Argentina Minecraft Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
71HaliaCraft Network

¡Bienvenido a HaliaCraft Network!Somos un servidor Hispano dedicado a la supervivencia, PvE y un poco de PvP. Nos enorgullece ofrecer una experiencia de juego de calidad y trabajamos arduamente para mejorar día a día. Actualmente, contamos con cuatro modalidades emocionantes: ...


¡Bienvenido a EclatMC, el servidor de Minecraft en constante evolución basado en la experiencia de nuestros usuarios! Nuestro objetivo principal es brindarte la máxima diversión y entretenimiento en un entorno seguro y amigable.En EclatMC, nos esforzamos por crear una e...

656Kilmash RP

¡Bienvenido a Kilmash RP!Sumérgete en un mundo semi-medieval lleno de magia y aventuras en nuestro servidor de Minecraft 1.12.2. En Kilmash RP, podrás dar vida a tu personaje y explorar un reino fascinante junto a otros jugadores.Características del servidor:Roleplay in...


Welcome to Karmaland, a premium Minecraft server that offers an exceptional gameplay experience to players of all backgrounds. Immerse yourself in a world where adventure, creativity, and community thrive.At Karmaland, we believe in providing a top-tier experience for all our players, regardless ...


Uncover unparalleled gameplay features, custom plugins, and diligent server moderators who uphold fair play and ensure an enjoyable experience for all. Engage with fellow players, forge new friendships, and partake in thrilling events and competitions. Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft veteran or new to the game, these servers provide an immersive and captivating environment to unleash your Minecraft adventures.

Elevate your Minecraft journey by exploring the top-tier servers hosted in Argentina. Join the thriving community, encounter exceptional gameplay, and create unforgettable memories with your fellow players. Embark on your exploration today and unlock the boundless possibilities that await you in the realm of Argentina-based Minecraft servers.