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Anarchy servers is a game mode of Minecraft that allows cheating and has no rules. An Anarchy Server's goal is to survive in the wild using minimal resources and to hide from hostile players. Remember that griefing is not allowed on Anarchy Servers, so it's a good idea to hide your items.

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Wynncraft is listed in Adventure servers. Wynncraft is a unique Minecraft MMORPG experience. Adventure into deep and epic quests, level up to unlock new powerful spells, and find rare gear to help you in your travels! No mods required! You cannot ...


DirtMC is listed in Adventure servers. Home to MrCrainer, DirtMC is a skyblock server packed with unique features: - mcMMO - Adventures - Pocket Pets - Robots - Farming Quotas - Real money prizes - KOTHs - SkyDrops & more!

79Survive With Us SMPSurvive With Us SMP

Survive With Us SMP is listed in Adventure servers. We are a brand new survival server with completely custom plugins and a fresh map for our players to begin adventuring on. Every player has access to a randomtp so you can find the perfect spot t...

102Maritime SurvivalMaritime Survival

Maritime Survival is listed in Adventure servers. Ahoy! Embark on a nautical adventure with us on the 1.18 Maritime server! On Maritime Survival we have some awesome enhancements to our gameplay, here's a list of some of our enhancements: - Cl...


MCParks is listed in Adventure servers. Welcome to a brand new experience! MCParks is a 1:1 scale Theme Park building server. We focus on providing unique experiences and present the Minecraft community with a new way to look at and enjoy the most...

289Servvival NetworkServvival Network

Servvival Network is listed in Adventure servers. Servvival Network has been in the works for over a year now and we are finally able to release into the world! We aim to create a fun and friendly community that will take part in the decisions of ...

310The Fallen ChronicleThe Fallen Chronicle

The Fallen Chronicle is listed in Adventure servers. "Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind." The Fallen Chronicle is a hardcore roleplaying experience that focuses on individual character development and freedom of roleplay. ...


StoneSurvival is listed in Adventure servers. StoneSurvival is a fresh new, simple semi-vanilla survival community experience with grief protection, a balanced economy, shops, and 3+ survival game modes. Come join our community, and start your sur...

369Fantasy RealmFantasy Realm

Fantasy Realm is listed in Adventure servers. Welcome to Fantasy Realm. We are a family-friendly minecraft community which host in Australia. We work together with volunteer members who wish to create a safe and fun enviroment for everyone. We wan...

407Chilled AdventuresChilled Adventures

Chilled Adventures is listed in Adventure servers. Chilled Adventures Minecraft server We are a public minecraft server opened on the 10th October 2020 Gamemodes: Bedwars Survival Parkour KitPvP Creative - Come and join in! Helpful community with ...


Eternia is listed in Adventure servers. Do /KIT SPECIAL to redeem a limited time free shiny crate key What do we offer? Custom Terrain (400+ biome variations all in vanilla) Very balanced economy A top quality SINNOH adventure server Clans Custom ...


1Vie.fr is listed in Adventure servers. ANARCHY HARDCORE SERVER The Minecraft server 1Vie.fr offers you the opportunity to test your survival and adaptation skills in an ultra-hostile environment in a totally anarchic atmosphere. 1Vie.fr offers it...


Meledosia is listed in Adventure servers. Development home of Apocalypse, a modern city zombie adventure with some cool features not often seen anywhere else like over 17 realistic elevators, auto doctors in the hospitals, stim dispensers to keep ...


StoryAdventure is listed in Adventure servers. StoryAdventure Verso: 1.18 Servidor de minecraft mais completo! Survival full, SkyBlock, modo Criativo para quem gosta de construir! Em breve novos modos de jogo! Skins, recompensas por Voto,VIPs, Cla...


IcarusMC is listed in Adventure servers. IcarusMC is a towny enabled server with focus on economy and pvp aspects of the game. Our staff team is professional and highly motivated to providing ever changing game play. With constant updates and a li...

512Realm of AureusRealm of Aureus

Realm of Aureus is listed in Adventure servers. Welcome to the Realm of Aureus, Traveler! Looking for an adventure? A unique server not quite like all the others? Look no further. A mix of RuneScape, Terraria, classic Minecraft, AdventureCraft, Wo...

586Ghostly TavernGhostly Tavern

Ghostly Tavern is listed in Adventure servers. Ghostly Tavern What is the server about? Survival, Friendly, Player Economy, Simple Fun Quests, Custom recipes No griefing,hacking or stealing. Keep inventory is off Loot Chests On this server we have...


RabbitCraft is listed in Adventure servers. Welcome to RabbitCraft Season 2 and you are right at the start of the adventure! We at RabbitCraft have started a new SMP called Tortuga where you can be a Pirate and sail around the world with a fantast...

660Noob AdventuresNoob Adventures

Noob Adventures is listed in Adventure servers. This server is based upon the hit series THE N00B ADVENTURES on Youtube and Newgrounds! You can watch the show here- goo.gl/CdDR99 Our Survival and Event server has fantastic admins who are great at ...

715Serene AdventuresSerene Adventures

Serene Adventures is listed in Adventure servers. Serene Adventures! We are a Hard Semi-Vanilla Survival with Homes, Claims, and Chest Shops. [Java 1.16.5] Discord: https://discord.gg/t6YraDerZX Tebex Community Store: https://sereneadventures.buyc...

719DC Towny V3DC Towny V3

DC Towny V3 is listed in Adventure servers. Ever wanted to explore vast lands? Want to be a vampire or a hunter? Want to travel to the unknown? That is what's available for you to enjoy in DC Towny! Choose your destiny! There are lots to do, i...


Anville is listed in Adventure servers. Anville: 1.18.1 Vanilla Survival Server with quality of life additions Who are we? Anville is a close knit community that adheres to the spirit of minecraft: it is a place where talented independent players ...

771ForFun Survival ServerForFun Survival Server

ForFun Survival Server is listed in Adventure servers. Hello there, are you looking for new adventures? Or are you the builder type? Don't look any further, ForFun is what you were looking for the whole time! What? - We are offering you a 24/7...

775Dragonstone SurvivalDragonstone Survival

Dragonstone Survival is listed in Adventure servers. Welcome to Dragon Stone! We are a Semi-Vanilla Survival server that values it's players and community. We aim for a mostly vanilla experience with quality of life changes such as /spawn, /ho...


PixelAdventureCraft is listed in Adventure servers. About Server Pixel Adventure Craft is an all new server that wants to offer you the most fun pixelmon experience you could ask for. After a couple re vamps we have finally perfected what the stri...


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Here we list the best Adventure Minecraft Servers. Adventure servers listed here are checked and verified to ensure they're online and ready for you. You can also check out Adventure server details, to see how many players are online! The majority of Adventure servers reward players for voting giving them a head start so don't forget to vote and claim your rewards in-game.