Minecraft Servers

Which are the best Minecraft servers available? Servers are what make the world turn. Or at least the Minecraft worlds. The PC community is known for having the most talented players, and the best Minecraft servers are proof of that. Minecraft is an ideal place for architects, and it has provided a creative outlet for those who don't know a single line code.

Minecraft Servers List

Rank Name Server Players Status
901Tortuga Pirate Network

Tortuga Pirate Network is a small and growing community open to cracked and premium minecraft users 1.9 - 1.16.5 **MATURE PLAYERS ONLY PLEASE** TPNet currently offers: Lobby, Towny, Survival, Minigames more! TPNET.SLY.IO Towny features: Movecraft, SlimeFun, MCMMO, PvP, and more! Lots of NPCs an...


Hi, this is WELTEINZ and this is our Server.. First things first - If you are looking for a very small and even slower growing community which is pretty picky about their members, then the following might be right up your alley. This vanilla server is running since 2012 with the same map, wich me...

903ClarenceCraft factions

ClarenceCraft Factions! Fun for all! Griefing IS allowed! Please stay legit, no hacking. Rules other than the one listed above: none Other stuff you need to know: The spawn is a work in progress RIP old clarencecraft, you will be missed

904Ashtois Survival

A great survival server! we are always looking for members. we have land claim and stuff. it super cool come check it out. like right now. for real. now.


Welcome to Sky-Block.com A Survival server on a Island by Yourself or with Friends where you try to Expand and Build it much larger than you started with and Complete Challenges and Compete with other players for the Top Island (/is Top) or just wanna play on a Friendly Skyblock Server :) Feature...


Survival server, you can play if friends, you can build houses without fear of being destroyed with protection, you can work at work and thus you will earn money and if the money you can buy larger blocks and areas. There is also pvp


Factions: - Custom Enchantments - Friendly, Small Community - Lag-Free Experience - Unique Plugins


GamesJap Network, es un servidor de habla Hispana al cual te puedes unir y a pasar un buen rato jugado, chateando o participando en eventos diarios con los usuarios diarios! GamesJap tiene una gran variacin de modalidades, cuales son actualizadas mensualmente, entre ellas : 1 - Survival 1.17 2 - ...


Survival,jobs,trabajos,vault,economy,jobs,trabajos,ganar dinero,get money,hunger games.juegos del hambre,ah,tpa,back,sethome


This server is run by a Discord community called Overwatch LFG consisting of 9500+ active and friendly members. The server is newly started, and we will expand a lot with more features. Current features on the server: DynMap: http://play.overwatchlfg.org:8123/ DynMap is a website that you can acc...


PIXELPOWER SMP Server Rules: -No Hacking -No Stealing From Others, or their chests. -No Duping. -No Lag Machines. -No Cheating/Exploiting. -No Abusing Game Mechanics, Such As Glitches, To Gain An Advantage. -No Griefing Spawn or trying to grief people's homes. -Dont spam commands in chat (Ca...

912Spark Games

-. : 1. 24/7 2. 3. : - Survival - SkyBlock - SkyWars - BedWars - PaintBall - FullPvP - Annihilation - Factions

913Vanilla Twist

Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy vanilla Anarchy v...

914The Game ROom

Vanilla fun with land claims to protect your cool builds! Single Player sleep so you dont need to wait for other players to find a bed. Level up by mining/farming/fighting mobs and get extra XP for it! Fresh new server. Good for you and your friends to get ahead!


Wir sind Adventuria, ein Server mit einer starken Community. Bei uns ist jeder willkommen und wird freundlich und persnlich ins Spielgeschehen integriert. Wir freuen uns auch auf DICH! Unsere Einzigartigkeit wird neben unseren Usern auch durch unser besonderes Reallife-Prinzip geprgt. Doch was ma...


What are Minecraft Servers?

What are the best Minecraft servers? Although it may seem simple, the answer is complex. Our website makes it easier to find Minecraft servers. There are many components involved. Scroll up to Best Minecraft Servers and click the Copy IP Address button to play on any server that interests you! Our website has audited every server on our site to make sure that they are of high quality.

What is a Minecraft Server List and how do you use it?

What is a Minecraft Server List and how can I access it? A server list is a website you can access through Google to find Minecraft Servers. Although each server list is different depending on the person who maintains it, Best Minecraft Servers manually reviews every server and ensures that they are of the highest quality to allow you to enjoy the Minecraft servers you choose! Scroll down the website to find the Minecraft Server List. Click Copy IP Address. Once you have found the server you like, copy it into Minecraft Launcher.

How do I play Minecraft Servers?

Minecraft must be installed on your computer in order to play Minecraft Server. Next, open Minecraft Multiplayer. Click on the add server button. Next, choose the Minecraft Server you wish to play. Click add server and then enter the IP address. Enjoy playing on your Minecraft Server. If you don't like the server you have found, you can visit Best Minecraft Servers to find another server. You can also search Google for Minecraft Servers to find another list. You can contact our support team via the contact us button if you have any questions regarding Minecraft Servers.