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What are some of the top Minecraft servers to explore? Servers play a crucial role in shaping the Minecraft experience, especially within the PC community, where you'll find exceptionally skilled players. The best Minecraft servers exemplify the talents of this community. Minecraft serves as an ideal platform for architects, offering a creative outlet even for those without coding expertise.

Minecraft Servers List

Rank Name Server Players Status

Java IP: CloutCraft.US Bedrock IP: CloutCraft.US 19132 MC Version: 1.18.1x CloutCraft, the Ultimate Hangout SMP server for you and your friends! Welcome to CloutCraft, an awesome survival experience well known for its welcoming community, fun events and features! We are a hangout based SMP server...

52FTB Ultimate Reloaded ...

Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.net Server address: ulr.craftersland.net Server Info: Grief Prevention land claim system. Economy - Server Shops, Market and Auctions. Daily and Vote Rewards. Clans and PvP. Server Live map. Hosted in Data Center in Canada ...


EcuaCraft Network 1.8.X IP: mc.ecuacraft.us Minijuegos como: -SurvivalOP/Factions -Survival Normal/Factions -PvP(PracticePvP, FFA, KitPvP, ComboFly, etc) -SkyBlock -SkyWars -Prison/RankupOP -HCF


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55FTB Continuum by Craft...

Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.net Server address: cont.craftersland.net Server Info: Grief Prevention land claim system. Economy - Server Shops, Market and Auctions. Daily and Vote Rewards. Clans and PvP. Server Live map. Hosted in Data Center in German...

56Kingscraft PH

Welcome To Kingscraft PH! Kingscraft is a server that gives you premium quality gameplay, we have a friendly community that welcomes you warmly. We also have an active staff team that will guide and help you in your journey. Kingscraft is one of the most voted server in South East Asia, we have t...

57SkyFactory 4 by Crafte...

Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.net Server address: sf4.craftersland.net Server Info: Grief Prevention claim system Economy - Server Shops, Market and Auctions. Maps on RAM drive for faster chunk load. Daily Backups. Daily and Vote Rewards. Clans and PvP....


Loka is a Semi-Vanilla, PvP Survival Server that uses custom plugins to create a one of a kind Minecraft experience. Loka features a custom-written Territorial Conquest System, a very rich story, unique, talent-based Battlegrounds, ELO-rated Arenas, a custom Market, Thievery, and World Events. Lo...

59Imagine Fun

Welcome to Imagine Fun. The most realistic Disneyland in Anaheim recreation you can possibly imagine. Tons of players and tons of items to collect and trade! Come try out all of the rides and meet new friends.

60Minecraft Experience

Minecraft Experience nasce con l'intento di riunire giocatori creando una community solida basata sul rispetto reciproco. abbiamo varie modalit tra cui: Vanilla Experience: Se cerchi un vanilla tranquillo dove il grief vietato e il giocare insieme alla base della modalit allora questa fa a ca...


Server jest bardzo fajny zapraszamy i witamy.Jest duo zabaw np:KITPVP,CREATIF,PARKOUR.MINI GAES ghjklkjhgghjkjdhgjsdbviuffghdvbhgejwghhsvywgvjhdvyuwgvjdbvjdsguyjvbdjhgdsjfgsdjhggdhgjhdsbhdjsghsdgjdgvhdgjhsdvjhsdgvshjdvsjshgcjhsdvhdgdsg


Prostocraft.ru - one of the best Russian servers in the world. It was created by the famous youtuber Mauzer with 400000 subscribers

63Utopiverse Network

Welcome to Utopiverse Network! Stay connected: Before you embark into the wide world of Utopiverse Network, heres how you can stay connected: IP: play.utopiverse.net Website: www.utopiverse.net Twitter: twitter.com/UtopiverseN Discord: discord.utopiverse.net Who are we? We are an extensive Minecr...


UnicaCity | German Reallife & Roleplay IP: server.unicacity.de Website: https://unicacity.de Teamspeak: ts.unicacity.de ~UnicaCity Administration


IP pikacore.sedexcraft.com Website https://www.sedexcraft.com Discord https://www.sedexcraft.com/discord Pikacore is a server meant for more advanced Pixelmon players. It features a more challenging gameplay than your average Pixelmon server with slower leveling, item lose on death and no easy tr...

66Simple Anarchy

Simple Anarchy is a new anarchic server in which sometimes there is an active dupe, it is not almost screwed up, so you can go in and bookmark history


SaiCoPvP! About SaiCoPvP? SaiCoPvP is a server run by professional, experienced minecraft players. The owners of the server listen to every players input/suggestions on the servers and thrive to make a friendly community for the players.The server is based mainly around the raiding/pvp aspect of ...

68Overcast Network

The Overcast Network is home to many original gamemodes, such as Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch, and more! No other server offers a more enjoyable team-based PvP experience. Create a team on our website (oc.tc) and participate with your friends against hundreds of players in ...


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70Minemora Server

IP: mc.minemora.net Es un servidor de Minecraft independiente creado con el objetivo de entretener a los jugadores en sus distintos modos de juego. Te invitamos a conectarte con nosotros y disfrutar de este maravilloso Servidor Este es un serivor con las modalidades de: - Survival - Skywars - Jue...


CandyKings is a candy-themed server dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible! We aim to offer you an unique experience whilst maintaining a fun and balanced atmosphere for everyone! Candy OP Prison PVP Survival Balanced Economy Play Today! IP: play.candykings.net Store: http://store...

72Grand Theft Minecart GTA

The most played Grand Theft Auto in Minecraft server. IP: org.gtm.network Features: * Use our 35 custom weapons; from shotguns to snipers, all unique to GTM * Realistic resource pack * Drive custom vehicles; from cars to tanks, and even planes * Join a big community, with gangs and multiple langu...


JustBox - 1.17.1 server version (server is 1.17.1+ idk why it says we are version 1.18 but you can play on that anyway) - Keepinventory on - Grind, build, pvp - Lots to do - Fun Join Today


Home to MrCrainer, DirtMC is a skyblock server packed with unique features: - mcMMO - Adventures - Pocket Pets - Robots - Farming Quotas - Real money prizes - KOTHs - SkyDrops & more!


Come join TheArchon! This is the most active Factions server on the planet that contains constant betrayals, wither raids, new defensive tactics being deployed each day, and a place where you can battle alongside some of your favorite YouTubers. Along with a variety of Factions gamemodes, includi...


What are Minecraft Servers and how can I find the best ones? While the question may appear straightforward, the answer is multifaceted. Our website simplifies the process of discovering top-notch Minecraft servers. It involves various components. To explore the best Minecraft servers, navigate to the "Best Minecraft Servers" section and click on the "Copy IP Address" button for any server that catches your interest. Our website ensures that every server listed has undergone thorough auditing to guarantee high quality.

What is a Minecraft Server List and how do I utilize it? A Minecraft Server List is a website accessible through Google that aids in finding Minecraft Servers. Each server list may differ depending on the maintainer, but at Best Minecraft Servers, we manually review and verify the quality of every server, enabling you to enjoy the servers you choose! Simply scroll down on the website to locate the Minecraft Server List. Click on "Copy IP Address." Once you find a server you like, paste the IP address into the Minecraft Launcher.

How do I play on Minecraft Servers? To play on a Minecraft Server, you need to have Minecraft installed on your computer. Launch Minecraft Multiplayer and click on the "Add Server" button. Select the Minecraft Server you wish to join. Click "Add Server" and enter the IP address. Enjoy playing on your selected Minecraft Server. If you're not satisfied with the server you've found, you can visit Best Minecraft Servers to discover another one. Alternatively, you can search on Google for Minecraft Servers to find additional lists. If you have any questions regarding Minecraft Servers, feel free to reach out to our support team using the "Contact Us" button.